Vain conceit

So it’s almost July and it’s time to train the Bible Quiz team. Last Sunday I went to church and met them.

Since I have a very bad memory for names and there were new members in the team, I asked that they introduce themselves. They were to mention their name, age, school and class. I wasn’t too surprised to find that all those from the well to do private schools were clustered in one area while those from the local public school also sat in another. The division on the basis of wealth and class was obvious to me . At the end of the introductions I urged all if them to mix up and get to know each other emphasising that it was only Christ like so to do. I also warned that I wanted to see a fairly mixed up seating arrangement next week. 

Towards the end of the lesson,I had an unpleasant experience with one of my little ones. Our Sunday School lessons take place in the classroom of the local public school and the deskes in the classroom,  are rather uncomfortable to sit on for long. (Let’s call her Charity) Charity, an eleven year old, gets up from her seat, stretches and says  “these seats are uncomfortable papa. (Pointing at those from the local public school) Those people are used to it, as for us we sit in proper chairs in our school.”

Truth be told, I gave her a good scolding there and then.After I dismissed them, I called her and explained to her why her attitude was not right. Pointing out to her that it smacked of pride and disdain for others. 

I believe the desire to consider ourselves as being better than others is an inherent ill we all  struggle with. I particularly like the way Chinua Achebe justifies it “Even in heaven…… Archangels are senior to common angels”. Unconsciously, on a daily basis we see others whom we belittle and treat with disdain. From the beggar in the street, to the cleaner in our workplace, even with colleagues. This is contrary to what Paul admonished in Philippians 2:3“Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves “. 

I pray God grants us grace to carry out this task at all times,  so we can serve as bright examples to our little ones. 


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