When your mum is your best friend


This year I’ll be counting my blessings all year round. One of the little-big blessings God gave me is a mum-best friend. Every time I think about our relationship, I cannot help but smile. It’s an amazing feeling to know that you have one really wonderful person who’s got your back at all times.

One thing I really treasure in friendship is a friend who knows how to give. I’ve learnt a lot from my very close friends about giving to the point where it hurts. My mum is my biggest giver, of course in a financial sense primarily. When I finished with my first degree and hadn’t found a job yet, her most famous questions were “do you have money?” and “are you sure you have money?. She didn’t have much but if it meant giving me her last GHS 20 cedis, she wouldn’t bat an eyelid. Although I don’t go to her these days with my financial burdens, I learnt loads from her in terms of giving within a relationship.

There’s something remarkable that marks my friendship with my mum- our different personalities. I am a bit laid back and not such a great conversationalist. Not my mum, she will talk your ear off. She can chit-chat about anyone, anything and everything under the sun and I have sat many a times wondering in amazement where her inspiration for conversation comes from. My disposition coupled with my ever-lasting awe at her conversational skills means most of the time I am listening and she’s talking; which doesn’t deter her at all. It still feels really good, to know that at any time when I want to have a conversation and can’t find anybody after scrolling through my phonebook twice I can call her and end up chatting for at least 30 minutes.

I love to tease my mum and she’s a great sport about it. She will tease you right back as soon as she has the opportunity. It could be a word she mispronounced, terrible computing skills, a concept she can’t wrap her head against or some funny quirk she has. She falls within the class of people who cannot watch a movie without running a commentary. While running a commentary on what has is happening in the movie, she keeps asking everybody else about what is about to happen. It’s one of my favourite teasing points. I know I am really good friends with my mum when I can tease her about anything and know she won’t get mad about it.

My sounding board-sometimes you just need someone to listen to all the weird business ideas you have. Someone to share your dreams with and she’s there every step of the way. Although we are always fighting about her risk aversion towards business, her tenacity once it takes off is unquestionable. Yes, so like real friends we have our fights too, not many though but we do. The joy that there is in having a friend pay attention to what is going on in your life and following up on your progress with every endeavor you undertake, my mum provides beautifully.

I could go on and on if I were given all day to  write about my prayer-warrior, my confidant, my central bank, my shopping partner, my kokonsa(gossip) partner , but I will stop here with a smile on my face as I count my blessings this year.


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