Great Expectations-Charles Dickens

great expectations.

So this year, I read Great Expectations for the very first time. It’s one of those books which every book lover can mention but might not necessarily have read. I’m certain the reviews that have been done for this classic are classics themselves. I’ll just do my very own kind of review.

Another one of those books I found difficult to read because of the language style-Victorian English. Nevertheless, the book has an amazing plot. I loved the fact that I could watch the main character grow from a very young age into adulthood, that I could relate to his woes and empathize with him.

Pip, a young boy from a very humble background, helps an escaped convict at the beginning of the story. Pip, falls hopelessly in love with Estella; exactly as it was planned by Miss Havisham. This plan Miss Havisham hatches is to visit punishment on the male species for she was scorned terribly by a man in her youthful days. Pip’s fortunes change when an unknown benefactor makes available a large fortune to him. Pip hopes that with this fortune, he can make a gentleman out of himself and most likely win Estella’s favour and hand in marriage. He had great expectations of himself. The twists and turns that the story takes thereafter, makes for very interesting reading.

My favourite  character in the book was Biddy. Biddy had dreams and aspirations. Staying a little village girl was not enough for her. However, she stayed real and true to who she was and where she came from. She never allowed her dreams and aspirations to get into her head or make her ashamed of her background.

One of the life lessons which struck me as I read Great Expectations is that we sometimes have really great expectations of ourselves, sometimes these expectations become our very undoing. I think we should constantly manage the expectations we have not only of others but of ourselves as well.





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