My baby is crying

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Okai( a young boy of about four years) walks up to me crying. I ask him “what is wrong with you?”ย and he says, “my baby is crying”.For an entire minute I stood at the door of my Sunday School class completely puzzled. His baby is crying? Why is he really crying? Does he have some psychic abilities which allows him to detect when his little brother or sister is crying? I finally ask ” which baby?” and he turns around and points at his little sister ( of about two years) who is heaving and crying as if she had been beaten. I just shook my head and walked him to his seat and then tried comforting both of them. That was just about one of the sweetest scenes I have ever seen.

Family is an amazing thing, its amazing to know that there’s a pack of people who love you crazy and feel your pain as if it were theirs. Okai couldn’t stand to see his little sister cry so much that he had to cry for her, and actually left her to get help. I know my people don’t cry they seeย me cry ( they’ve all gone past four). But I see the despair on their faces and I know they’ll move heaven and earth to see me smile again. Sometimes family situations tend to be very sour but I pray we all find family members who will move heaven and earth to see us smile.I pray we do same for them!

Kids are gems-Musings of a Sunday School Teacher.





5 thoughts on “My baby is crying”

  1. This piece truly has ministered to me in the space I’m in right now. Thank you so much for the reminder of the love and importance of family even when familial relationps can be difficult. God bless!


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