The questions James’ family asked

I didn’t get to meet James’ family but I am certain that if I had been his sister at the time I would have had a lot of questions to ask my Lord. The ¬†account of Peter’s miraculous escape from Prison starts off by explaining Herod’s persecution of the church. James the brother of John was put to death by the sword -Acts 12:2

I’d have struggled with the loss of my dear brother while I comforted myself about his glorious inheritance above having died a martyr. Even this would have been very difficult for me and I ‘d have asked a lot of questions. I’d certainly have more questions to ask as a believer once I heard about the miraculous escape of Peter. If God could save Peter in such Hollywood style what stopped him from saving my brother from dying by the sword? Was he less righteous than Peter? Was Peter more important than he was?

I doubt if I ‘d have the answers I sought, all I would do then and probably now is to constantly remind myself that I have taken a walk of faith and I have learnt that many of my questions might go unanswered in this walk. I might never fully understand why things happen as they do but I still trust.


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