On the wings of the wind 2nd Samuel 22

What beautiful imagery, the Lord of Hosts flying on the wings of the wind to save a man after his own heart. One of the things that came to me as I read 2nd Samuel was that I just couldn’t understand David’s people. If a man needed to prove himself, then in my opinion David had more than proven himself. Record of battle after battle, from Goliath to his war victories while Saul lived and even to the defeat of the several nations that decided to take Israel on after Saul’s death. Yet, each time some incompetent swindler came to them and promised to be a better leader not only did they follow them but they actually believed that under that person’s leadership they could kill David. I agree he must have had his imperfections but then the accounts give me an impression that he was a great leader nevertheless. The most annoying of these uprisings in my opinion was that of Absalom- David’s son. He put David in a difficult position where he needed to handle the fragile issue of a loved one turned enemy. I shared in his agony when the report of Absalom’s death was brought to him. As I mulled over the issue, it came to me that the account is a depiction of our relationship with God. He needn’t, but He has proven himself time and again, yet still we always find reasons to look outside of Him for solutions to life’s battles. Inexplicable if you ask me.

Our Rock, our fortress  and our deliverer takes over our battles and fights them on our behalf, even when strategy wise we are torn and confused, he remains God. I love the imagery of God bowing the heavens and coming down in response to David’s call for help. I particularly liked verse 18 where David confesses his weakness against those he fought ” for they were too mighty for me”. Sometimes we fight battles that are obviously above our weight and clout and feelings of helplessness swallow us. May God hear us like he did when David cried out to him and come down from the heavens to fight on our behalf when we encounter that which is too mighty for us. It was gratifying to note that despite, the episode with Bathsheba and many other wrongs which we are not told of; from verse 22-25 David believes that Gods goodness to him was on account of his righteousness. Sometimes we are so bogged down with the accusations of the evil one, that we find it difficult to accept and live God’s forgiveness when we go wrong. I don’t think David was boasting of his righteousness, but simply acknowledging the fact that God expects us to live righteously. That He will definitely deal well with us if we remain faithful.

May God make our feet like that of the deer and set us secure on the heights.May his gentleness make us great. May His deliverance come to us when we call upon him, so like David we can sing a beautiful song of deliverance.









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