Grief Child -Lawrence Darmani

darmaniWhat I love about a good book, is that it comes alive. I can show you the route from  Adu’s home to the farm to the school and to.. I could actually give you a tour of Susa. I thoroughly enjoyed the book. He was able to transport me from the rural setting to the urban setting quite smoothly. My favourite scene was when the boys got a good beating for stealing fruits from Appiah’s farm.To grimmer issues. I seem to be starting my year on a very sad note, this is the second book I am reading about the sad realities of life.

Darmani as he walks us through Adu’s life -his losses and his struggles, remind us that life is not rosy for everyone. Misfortune after misfortune could occur like they did for the young man in the story. Especially for parents this is a reminder that life happens. I reiterate that without taking away childlike innocence, children must be made aware that life is not a fairytale, they must be adequately be prepared to face the odds if they do happen.

I like the resilience with which Adu fought the urge to give up and the role that grace played in all of it. As a Christian, it is a reminder that the seeds of evangelism that we sow by living right and telling others about Jesus is never in vain. This time round, the story ended on a beautiful note, Adu got married to the love of his life. Good overcame evil.


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