On David and Bathsheba

Sometimes we find ourselves in trouble unexpectedly-David was only walking around on the roof of the palace. For a King, I find nothing strange about that. May our feet walk away from trouble at all times! However, there was an absence of restraint, after he saw Bathsheba bathing. Oh that God will grant us grace so that when sin accosts us initially; we can shut our eyes at the first instance and say a definite no when we open our eyes.

Then we tend to worsen our plight by trying to cover up our sin with even more sins, time and again, like Adam and Eve, in covering our sin we focus on what appears on the outside. In our world today we focus on what others think about us. So I fornicate then fully aware of my sin, I abort. This way, nobody will ever know that I am a fornicator. This smart strategy covers up the sin but just on the outside, because we care so much what others see and what they do not see, what they think and what they do not think. We forget in our rush to cover up our sins that our God is an omnipresent God. He has seen the initial sin and covering it up with more sins is distasteful where He is concerned.

Sometimes, it is not because we seek to look good before man but because we fear the consequences our actions. In my case, I might not have the resources necessary to look after a child or I find the concept of single motherhood unacceptable on a personal level. May the fear of the Lord and what awaits those who do not live according to His precepts fill us with terror, may it overshadow the consequences of our actions and the judgement of the world. If David had successfully convinced Uriah to lie with his wife, it would have seemingly been a beautiful end to an otherwise complicated matter. However, the little I have seen about life tells me otherwise, truth will out!

O! That we receive grace to stand strong and wear our amour fully; ready for the darts that the evil one shoots our way. It is neither by might, nor by power but by my spirit says the Lord.



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