On Agnotism and Atheism

So i set out this morning in pursuit of passion, to write out my thoughts on the savings culture of Ghanaian children but let’s save that for later. Just before, i could get started an exciting debate on God broke out in my office. On one hand an Agnostic atheist or something close to that, on the other hand a Christian apologetic and me there just in the middle enthralled by the entire discussion that unfolded. Two strong conflicting emotions enveloped me: sorrow and joy

Sorrow: as a Christian i have failed to learn enough. One of my closest friends happens to be an apologetic Christian. Widely read and impressively intelligent, she has taken the pain to educate herself on this issue. We have  had several discussions on this issue but on hindsight i guess i never paid enough attention to what she said or even bothered to find out more. Listening to this debate on the existence of God or otherwise, i realise that reaching out to others about Christ is a really broad area, where sometimes the laid back attitude of tell them about the gospel and leave the rest to God will not suffice at all times. I was at lunch with a Christian friend turned Atheist and found that he so strongly believed what he did that he couldn’t even hear me. I on the other hand did not have what it took to get him to listen- a deep understanding of his view point and how he arrived there and i did not bother to try hard enough, sounded like a lost case to me. Well i learnt something today, I ought to listen closely to my friends God did not surround me with smart friends for nothing. Reading fiction, is not enough; a good understanding of different subject areas( even though i find them boring) could make me a better tool in the Master’s vineyard.

Joy:I was excited to find that the christian apologetic had bothered to read all about evolution and all the leading books on atheism. This way he was well prepared to defend what he believed in. He knew what the agnostic believed and had bothered to find loopholes in this belief. This way he tried to convince him that his mindset was flawed, arguing the need for absolute and not relative morality, the unscientific nature of the evolution argument among others. The bottom line, he knew what he was saying and was not going about his argument in a baseless manner.

1 Peter 3:15 …but honor the Messiah as Lord in your hearts. Always be ready to give a defense to anyone who asks you for a reason for the hope that is in you.Without doubt i have learnt this morning that one of the best ways of defending the hope that is in us in by understanding why the person does not believe in the first place. Even though several people have sounded warning bells on being careful as we try to understand other religious or un-religious beliefs for that matter. It is important that we test what we belief so that we are in a position to defend our stance.

Afoley 08/11/14


3 thoughts on “On Agnotism and Atheism”

  1. Can’t emphasize this enough. But I think it is so important to know your stuff. Especially when discussing religion. You have to know what you are defending. I’ve realized that a lot of atheists know more about Christianity than some Christians (which is very dissapointing).


  2. This is so true and God bless you for sharing. Here in the US it is even more prevalent. May God help us. The reality is that some of these people are good people – they give to society, engaged in volunteer activities in the community and have their families. We ought to understand where they are coming from and snatch them from the devil’s deception.


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