Dear Paul

Philipians 4: 1-9

Dear Paul,
It’s interesting that after more than ten years of claiming this verse as my favourite verse I find a new angle to it. Well since i have grown a little bit more i seem to relate better to what it is that you talk about. Anxiety stems from our hearts and mind. Especially in situations where we seem not to understand what it is that is going on and as a result feel we have no control whatsoever.

We might try as much as possible to have our hearts and minds under our thumb; but there are times when our efforts our futile. This text reminds us that when anxiety wells up in our hearts, we need peace which transcends all understanding which “understanding” we probably might have preferred in dealing with the issue.

And that peace will guard our hearts and our  minds, the source of the anxiety, in Christ Jesus. I find the use of the word guard and not guide interesting… cos most of the time when we are anxious we might seek direction as to what to do to quell the anxiety. It’s funny that in line with my expectations that is how I used to say the verse- guide your hearts and your mind in Christ Jesus.

But the verse speaks of guarding- we guard what we cherish so it is not destroyed by enemies, so it is not exposed to threats, so it is secure. I think to myself that It is until you have lived without peace of mind and heart that you will appreciate better what it means to have Peace guarding your heart and mind. Perhaps the first step is to know that your heart and mind is secure then you can be still and know that He is God. I reckon it is when we are calmest that we can see clearly and perhaps make the best decisions ever.



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