The Great Divider

The Great Divider

February 22, 2012 at 8:36am



Now, i know in part- but then i will know in full

Intuitively, i would have thought peace and unity.

For so long, i have known you as  a peace-giver

Suddenly, i have to accept you as a great divider

My mind is in a turmoil, tell me if you can

Where lies the parallelism between peace and division


Suddenly, your words hit me- “No, i tell you, but rather, division”

Yet still, i hear you whispering

” My peace i give unto you is the peace that the world cannot give”

It takes me a while to grasp this paradox

That in division there can be peace

Where, lies the paralellism between peace and division

Divide then as you choose Great Divider

Divide in your perfection, that i may be made perfect

Divide that i may be all yours and not partly yours

Divide that i may enjoy your transcending peace

Divide that i may see in full what i saw in part

Divide that i may see as parallel

My Great Divider and my Lord of peace.

Esther Laryea


Luke 12:35-53


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