Once in a while, a poem.

It is broken

It is broken

Finally it is in fragments

I have noticed its fragile nature but a while

The flower I nurtured carefully has finally been trampled upon

For so long I have lived in between the shadows of light and darkness

Even I did not anticipate how drastically painful the sudden

Push into the darkness would be like

But yet still I continue to nurture my flower

Who knows, it will blossom in my face some day when I least expect it to.

Yet still, I maintain that it is broken,

The fragments rattle and their music is nothing but a dirge:

It is broken.

Afoley, 2009.



Now I don’t know if I’m wondering or if I’m thinking

I have become such an expert in wonderthinking

That I wonder in and out of the various worlds

Yesterday, I thought the whole day

As if that wasn’t enough

I’ve been wondering the whole day

Don’t even doubt it

Tomorrow I’ll be wonderthinking

I’m sure my school up here has

Covered every topic under the sun

But my all time favourite none can deny me

I wonder when, I think how,

I wonder if, I think who,

I wonder why, I think where

But there isn’t much I can do except to wonderthink and

Trust whom I have always trusted.

Afoley, 2009.


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