Our strength -at rest

May God deal with us as he did with Joshua son of Nun. I know the Israelites had to fight several physical battles in their quest to take over the promise-land. However, I absolutely love the account in Joshua 5:1. It tells of the wondrous things that God did for the Israelites as Joshua led them into the promise-land, specifically how He stopped the Jordan so they could cross on dry land.

The mighty acts of God put so much fear in the hearts of those who were arming themselves for battle against the Israelites that they lost all their courage. Joshua 5:1 “Now when all the Amorite kings west of the Jordan and all the Canaanite kings along the coast heard how the Lord had dried up the Jordan before the Israelites until they[a] had crossed over, their hearts melted in fear and they no longer had the courage to face the Israelites.”.

May God constantly wrought mighty wonders in our lives, wondrous acts which will precede the battles awaiting us in the future. Wondrous acts which will cause those who despise us to drop their weapons as their hearts melt in fear. Wondrous acts which fill our hearts with courage about the futureWondrous acts which will remind us to rely on his strength at all times as we put our strength constantly -at rest.


Love knocked on my door II

NayyirahWaheedQuote_WEBLove knocked at my door and asked me a series of questions which got me to question how much I loved myself. I had taken it for granted that I did love myself a lot until I heard all the questions love had to ask. Not all of my answers were really satisfactory. Loving myself would be fundamental in my obedience of God’s commandment to love my neighbour as myself. When I profess to love my neighbour as myself what exactly do I mean?

Love asked me, ” are you patient with yourself?”. Are you patient with yourself? When you set goals you wish to achieve and it seems like you are making baby-steps, are you patient with yourself? When everyone seems to be making headway in life and despite all of your efforts you can’t seem to bag a job you like, are you patient with yourself and your job-search efforts? Are you deliberately, patient with yourself? Do you make room to allow yourself grow and achieve your goals? Or do you constantly riddle yourself with disappointment-to-myself speeches?Patient /ˈpeɪ.ʃəns/ – the ability to wait or continue doing something despite difficulties or suffer without complaining or becoming annoyed. 

Love asked me “are you kind to yourself?”. Do you attend to your needs? Need for clothes, food, water, rest? Do you seek help, the way you would have offered if someone had asked? Do you think about your own feelings when in conflict, when your are offended, when you offend, when you are worn out? Are your feelings always subject to the feelings of others? How thoughtful are you, when it comes to you? Would you buy yourself that lovely key-holder once in a while just because it makes you smile. You can only show true kindness to the extent that you are kind to yourself. If not there just might be a chance that your kindness is pretentious ( 1st Corinthians 13:3). Not being aware of our own feelings hinders our self-awareness and our emotional intelligence   Kind/kaɪnd generoushelpful, and thinking about other people’s (yourfeelings

Love said, “are you envious, boastful and proud?” Are we envious, boastful and proud? These might seem to be pretty obvious dangers to stay away from. I think they’re especially dangerous when it comes to the issue of self-love. It is hard to esteem and honour yourself when you are constantly envious of what others have achieved. To be envious of another is to lack contentment with what God has given you and think you are not or do not have enough? On the other hand, we could be in a state where we are constantly touting our own praises, constantly and loudly. Boastful praise of one’s self is self harm since it could potentially stand in the way of chalking greater things. So in this instance when we choose not to be envious of others we show both ourselves and the other party love. Envy/ˈɛnvi/a feeling of discontented or resentful longing aroused by someone else’s possessions, qualities, or luck.


The rest of my thoughts on self-love in the context of 1st Corinthians 13 will be in another post soon- Love knocked on my door III


Love knocked on my door

Love knocked on my door and asked “when?”

I gave love a puzzled look and asked “how?”

Love peeked through the window and asked “why?”

I gave love a queer look and asked  “why, why?”

Love let itself in, took a seat and did a triad

“Why will you not love yourself?”

” When will you start to truly love yourself?”

” What does loving yourself mean to you?”

Although a little exaggerated (poetic license : ) ) these are the thoughts that the Lord laid on my heart as I read 1st Corinthians 13 on the 6/08/18.  Have you ever considered obeying and living out 1st Corinthians 13 with yourself as the object. I had always looked at the passage from an agape and romantic point of view but God gave me new insight into it and I am excited to share it with you. Find my reflections here.

When He promises you joy

When He promises you joy stand with your calabash ready to drink your fill. A year ago just about this time , He promised me joy. He confirmed his promise that he’d give me joy. I was badly in need of joy and i held on to the promise with all i had.

Today, I’m filled with joy. I’m quite happy and at peace and there’s no one thing i can adduce it to. It hasn’t been smooth the entire while. I have no idea what tomorrow holds. But, whenever i feel parched, i quietly remind Him that He’s promised me joy.

I’ll share another favourite

You will keep him in perfect peace,
Whose mind is stayed on You,
Because he trusts in You. Isaiah 26:3″

Robert Merton

So I’m sitting here reading peer reviewed papers in a bid to understand Nigam, Srivastava and Banwet’s (2018) review on behavioural finance. This is my second read of their review and like a maze I keep having to download papers they have referenced so I can better understand the points they advance.

It was one such download that brought me to a paper by Robert Merton. Unusual but beautiful was a picture of the man himself of the first page of his journal article on Capital Market Equilibrium with Incomplete Information.

I smiled back at him and said to myself, “finally, there you are”. The first thing that comes to mind when I think of Merton is – great finance thinker. Where would we be without all of his thoughts on capital asset pricing, option pricing, etc.

Every time I teach my students finance theory and caution ⚠ that it does not necessarily hold in real life, I hear a litany of complaints about its irrelevance then. I remind them that theories from thinkers provide a framework for further thought on how things work in real life. I always end by saying that I hope someday I will have thinkers from my class who can challenge current dogmas and bring about change.

I hope I can rise to that challenge myself. I look up to the forerunners. Let me start by finishing that review I was reading.

Robert Merton 😊

The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

Well, given that this book in my opinion has been given just about the same prominence as Jane Eyre ( everyone kept asking if I’ve read the alchemist) I was a little disappointed. Maybe I was too expectant.

It was simplistic and hard to believe given that it was addressing one grave human concern – why am I here? The writing style was simple and reminded me of Aesop’s fables. I guess I was expecting something more dense perhaps because of the title.

The point of the book was to do what you are destined to do( what makes you truly happy – I suppose), without getting sidetracked in the process. In identifying your destiny you should be in tune with yourself and God (God us present in our hearts and in nature). You should also believe completely in your capabilities to do the impossible. In our quest to achieve our dreams our fears and thoughts of our inadequacies are what stand in our way.

As a Christian, I liked all the Christian nuances in the book. The way he wove Bible stories into the book was beautiful too. The primary verse that jumped out at me was : seek ye first the kingdom of God and all other things, shall be added unto you. He reminds us that our journey to find our treasure will not be without incident but we have all it takes to find God, and with that all other things we desire.

Sisterland by Curtis Sittenfeld


My first book read in 2018. Although I am neither a twin nor have a sister I share a close bond with, I enjoyed Curtis’s book. I however, think that the story could have been told in fewer pages. At a point, the book seemed  like a movie with too many characters and too many sub-plots. Despite their challenges, I liked the way the sisters  looked out for each other. Style wise, i enjoy a book better when its picturesque. Although very voluminous, I could not clearly find my way around St Louis in my head and most of the time, it was dark and dull- i thought the imagery could have been better. Nevertheless, I read every single page and in record time too. I decided last year not to write out the entire summary in my reviews but this was a 521 page book and I have no idea where to leave my readers so I’m breaking my rule and doing a longer summary than usual.

The story revolves around a twin pair who have psychic abilities they call senses. Whereas Vi accepts her senses and does nothing to dull them, Kate is terribly embarrassed by her senses and does everything she can to dull and hide them so she can live a normal life. They grow up in a very dismal environment with a depressed mother who apparently did not want and had no idea she was expecting twins until she was due. Their very reticent father could do or did nothing to improve their situation. Although it remained unclear the nature of the romantic relationship between their parents it remained clear that their childhood although not terrible was not one of utter bliss.

The identity crises that Kate struggles with remains with her throughout high school up until they both go off to different universities. At this point, Vi drops out school barges in on Kate’s life and attempts to destroy all semblances of the normal life she has created in college. Kate sends her packing home and their relationship takes a nose dive. Kate realizes that she cannot marry her long-time boyfriend, after her mother dies from overdosing, because his life is too perfect and he cannot understand where she has come from. With this realisation came a shattering of the shell that Kate had attempted to build around herself. Even though she returns home, it takes her a long time to recover from her mother’s death and also to find some level of self acceptance.

In the long run, Kate meets a perfect young man, Jeremy,who loves and accepts her just for who she is-Vi had already sensed that she would meet and marry him. She settles happily with him and has two wonderful kids. She becomes a stay at home mum so she can give the kids full attention. Vi on the other hand, having never completed any degree programme, takes her “senses” to a different level and becomes a professional psychic. Everything is seemingly going well until, Vi predicts an earthquake which shakes St. Louis and becomes topical even at the national level. Although, her “senses” had been dulled, Kate picks up October 16th as an important date and when she tells Vi they both assume it’s the date of the earthquake and announce it to everyone.


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